Located in the charming city of Győr, in the North Western region between Austria and Hungary, birthplace of conductors such Arthur Nikisch and Hans Richter, Győrer Meisterkurse offers the unique experience to work with one of the best orchestras on the European scene with one of the most experienced maestros of today.

The long tradition of Hungarian conductors dates back to XIX Century with musicians such as  Arthur Nikisch, Ernst (Ernő in Hungarian) von Dohnányi, Hans Swarowsky, Sándor Végh, George (György) Szell, Hans Richter, Sir George Solti (born György Stern), Antal Doráti, and the legacy of these great musicians continues in Maestro György G. Ráth.

The selected students will have the opportunity to work for 6 days with György G. Ráth and Győr Philharmonic Orchestra on a wide repertorie that includes all the Symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven. A selected number of participants will also conduct a public concert at the end of the masterclass and the best of them, chosen by the teacher, will be recommended to international artists agencies.

The application is free (€25 are charged as administrative charges) and the total cost of the entire masterclass is only € 1100.

Our aim is to select the most promising young conductors and train them to be the top conductors of tomorrow: wanna join ?